what is wrong?

In wrong we seek the beauty and darkness of our inner battles and grow with them.

The original mixture of avant-pop and dark funk has made of this conceptual music a fresh take for artists to display well thought minimal arrangements, overlaped odd-time signatures, accurate execution, experimental passages, evocative aesthetic and playfull vocals.

wrong's lyrics aim to your inside from an intimate vision of this rotten society and our pain within it, like a celebration of collective loneliness.

Welcome to wrong.

I was lost in a foreign sea made out of words I don't agree with.
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wrong team

Agustín Lozano, Alex Peña, Amber Chen, Ángel Girón, Antonio J. Cebrián, Beatriz Mateo, Benjamin Schäfer, Christina Ruf, Darío Garrido, Erik Emil Eskildsen, Fernando Roncero, Gerardo Jiménez, Gregorio Ruescas, Inés Gómez, Juan Dahmen, Julián Román, Kristin Agee, Marc Mennigmann, Maribel de Lamo, Miguel Cortijo, Raúl Tortosa, Rosi Herreros, Rubén Chumillas, Sara Galán, Tobias Reber.

Our fears grow up as the ground shakes, what does it take a new building to make?

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